Replacing garage door springs is a very challenging task. If not done properly, you may end up with a damaged garage door or get injured. That’s why homeowners are almost always advised to seek the assistance of professionals. Their technicians can manage garage door spring repair parts with the right tools and planning. But if you want to replace the faulty spring on your own, you should watch this video and follow the below-mentioned tips.


Familiarize yourself with garage door springs:

Before attempting anything to replace the spring, you need to know which type of spring is connected to a garage door. Basic kinds of springs are extension garage door spring and torsion garage door spring. Extension garage door springs come in a pair and are attached to both sides on the door. When you open the door, the spring will stretch. It will reduce its tension while closing. Torsion garage door springs are mounted parallel above the garage door.


Use heavy-duty springs to replace:

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make during the DIY garage door spring repair process is not to carefully choose the right type of spring. They have been bought any product without checking its specifications. These springs come in different sizes, types, shapes, and tensions.

These springs may look similar but created with different tension capacity. A low-quality spring will make your garage door hard to open. It may damage the other parts of the garage door such as, garage door opener, cables, and tracks. Always choose springs with high quality and better specifications.

Garage door springs replacement should be done at once:


As you know, both springs cannot break at the same time. But it is good to replace them in pairs. Replacing only the faulty spring can uneven the garage door tension because the newer spring gives more tension. To avoid the inconvenience, always replace the garage door springs in pairs.

Release tension of garage door spring before fixing:


To do fast work, many homeowners quickly unhook the spring while it is still under extreme tension. Springs will be difficult to remove at that time. It may come out with too much speed and release its stored energy. Thus it can cause severe injuries. Releasing and removing the spring safely is the key to garage door repair work.

Side-mounted springs are easier to release and remove. You just need to close the door to remove them. However, fixing or replacing the garage door tension spring is a more challenging and dangerous task. With the help of the right tools and above-mentioned tips, you can replace and adjust the garage door springs and repair garage door opener effectively and safely. It is also strongly recommended that you should hire a professional to carry out the garage door springs replacement to avoid injuries or wastage of time and money.