Do you know a successful go-getter that also like to play as hard as he works? Chances are, they have a lot of “big boy toys”. You know, awesome things like dirt bikes, muscle cars and jet skis. Some of these big kids can get so into their hobbies that they soon begin to outgrow the garage space at their homes. There has been a trend of making larger garages with space for a 3rd vehicle, yet some home owners associations have begun to ban making garages any larger than that. So, what can these affluent big kids store their toys when they are not in use and space at home is not available? The answer is a toy barn.

A lack of space to put recreational vehicles and other large fun items is not simply a problem for people maxing out large home garages – older guys who have become empty-nesters may choose to downsize and end up with a smaller amount of square footage to store collector vehicles. Renting space in a toy barn can make sense for some.

What is a toy barn? Well, think of it as a luxury apartment for your mid-life crisis! Arizona is home to a lot of collector cars since we have lots of wide-open spaces for cruising, old towns along highway routes that hearken back to a time when road trips and the automobile had more novelty to them, and Arizona also can claim a large amount of dry, sunny days. Great weather is great for keeping collectible cars in good condition. For many of these same reasons, Arizona is a retirement destination, so we have lots of older “big kids” with some expensive big kid toys that need storing.

These toy barns are even better than a regular ol’ garage because they have specially built garage doors that are over-sized so there is no chance you will accidentally damage your beloved big boy toy while moving it inside. Also, the storage units are climate controlled.

The idea for toy barns came out of the great real estate recession starting around 2007. The owner had some property in Cave Creek intended for condominiums. With the housing bubble bursting, that didn’t seem like a great idea, so he came up with condos for cars instead.

And just like a condo, these car barns also have a clubhouse to be enjoyed. This offers the owners of these fun machines a chance to meet like-minded people, learn useful info about maintaining and enjoying their motorized vehicles, and it’s just another place you can go to get away from it all.

If you are interested in owning your very own toy barn, you will probably be glad to know that you can sell your unit whenever you like, just like a home. Every unit will have a ceiling that is at least eighteen feet tall. The size of the units can vary from approximately 1000 square feet to 3000.

A few of the amenities include plumbing in each unit, separate electricity meters, RV outlets, TV/Internet wiring, electric garage doors, gates and cameras, community restrooms, and RV dump stations. You can even upgrade to having your own monitored security system, epoxy floors, bathrooms, and HVAC units.

There are currently 3 Toy Barn Luxury Garage Ownership locations in the Valley with 3 more on the way. The three current locations are in Cave Creek at Cave Creek Road and Peak View Road, and on Lone Mountain Road and Cave Creek Road; the third is in Scottsdale off Bell Road and the 101. Chandler, North Phoenix, and the Scottsdale Airpark will all get Toy Barns in the near future. Keep an eye out.
As you can see, the man who has everything but not a Toy Barn can’t really say he truly has it all. However, this is all very expensive and you should not have to spend top dollar to get better garage storage. We can install two 4×8 overhead storage units for $599 in your existing home garage.