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Overhead storage racks are the only way to make maximum use of the true space in your garage. If you aren’t thinking vertically, then you are missing out on all that capacity! Get your tough, rugged and durable overhead garage storage system so you can take back your garage!

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The Best Overhead Garage Storage System

The garage is no longer just a place to store the family vehicle and the excess belongings unable to fit in the home. Modern homeowners desire maximum use of the garage for projects and even as the go-to place for relaxation. Take back your garage with Garage Storage Solutions Phoenix’s finely crafted overhead garage storage racks. Whether you wish to store tools or sporting equipment, there is an overhead garage storage solution for you.

After a simple consultation, we will conduct all the necessary measurements and begin overhead garage storage installation.

With an overhead garage storage system from Garage Storage Solutions Phoenix, you will enjoy:

  • a cost savings advantage over self storage
  • more convenient access to your belongings than with self storage
  • more space for your vehicles
  • a much neater appearance to the inside of the garage
  • expert overhead garage storage installation

Overhead Garage Storage Rack Installation

We promise that all of our overhead garage storage products were engineered and manufactured in the USA. Along with that promise comes a commitment to quality installation. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our overhead garage storage installations. Our shelving units can be constructed to hold up to 1000lbs and can serve your household for a lifetime under normal usage conditions.

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