Wall-Mounted Shelves, Cabinets, and More

Wall-mounted storage is the best way to store items that you may want to work with on a daily basis. You just can’t beat the easy access of a convenient cabinet, shelf, or tool organizer on the ground level, yet pressed flush against the wall. This allows you to use your stuff while maintaining maximum open space to use your garage for what it was originally intended for – parking your vehicles!

Garage Storage Solutions Phoenix offers many great wall-mounted storage solutions for any and all garages. A longer wall, a shorter wall, maybe a really tight corner – it does not matter to us. We will design the perfect storage system for your needs.


Our wall-mounted cabinetry allows you to put items away for safe keeping, away from dust, pets and kids knocking them onto the ground, and any other calamity common to the chaos that can be the average home garage. They also make your garage a much more attractive space with these sleek and well-built cabinets and drawers hiding what would otherwise be unsightly clutter.


The best way to work or store items without taking up precious floor space in the garage is to add a wall-mounted shelf or rack. You can have as many as your wall will allow and you can place them at just the right height for your particular usage requirements. You can several of these shelves going up the wall from near the floor to near the ceiling for quick storage and display. You can set one at desk-level so you can pull up a chair and work on hobbies in your spare time. It is up to you!


This is truly the most customizable and functional way to store your items in the garage. For those things you want fast access to and do not wish to hide from sight, garage wall organizers are just the thing you have been looking for. You can start with just a small section of your garage’s wall having these racks and hooks and expand it over time as you see fit. The next time you need your bike, your weed whacker, your ladder, or even your raincoat, your Garage Storage Solutions Phoenix wall organizer will be right there holding it for you!

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